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 "New Book Reveals:  The 4-Stage Market Domination Plan 
to Really Stand Out, Get Listings, Create the Right Systems and
Dominate Your Market ...Even If Nobody's Ever Heard Of You!"

 "New Book Reveals: 
  The 4-Stage Market Domination Plan 
to Really Stand Out, Get Listings, 
Create the Right Systems 
and Dominate Your Market 
...Even If Nobody's Ever Heard Of You!"

 "How to Get Listings and Dominate Your Market 
...Even If Nobody's Ever Heard Of You!"

 "How to Get Listings 
& Dominate Your Market 

 ...Even If Nobody's Ever Heard Of You!"

The Most Practical Book Showing You Exactly How to Go from NO Listings 
to Multiple 6 Figures and ..."I See Your Face Everywhere!" - FAST.

The Most Practical Book Showing You Exactly How to Go from NO Listings to Multiple 6 Figures and ..."I See Your Face Everywhere!" - FAST.

Need MORE Listings, Qualified Clients & Better Systems in Your Real Estate Business?

"If You Want to Become the TOP-Selling Agent in Your Market - FAST - Even If You're New and Nobody's Ever Heard of You ... Read This Book!

 "Stop Guessing and Start Knowing How To 
Get Listings and Dominate Your Market

Using the 4-Stage Market Domination Plan that Takes Any Agent 
in Any Location from a Complete 'Unknown' to the 
Trusted and Respected Local Agent Everyone Refers!"

Need MORE Listings, Qualified Clients & Better Systems in Your Real Estate Business?

"New Book Shows How to Get Listings 
and Build a Quality, System-Driven Business

"New Book Shows 
How to Get Listings and Build a
 Quality, System-Driven Business

Using the Proven 4-Stage Market Domination Plan That Can Take Any Agent in ANY Location from a Complete 'Unknown' to the #1 Trusted and Referred Local Agent in Less Than 3-6 Months!"

Using the Proven 4-Stage Market Domination Plan That Can Take Any Agent in ANY Location from a Complete 'Unknown' to the #1 Trusted and Referred Local Agent in Less Than 3-6 Months!"

 "Stop Guessing and Start Knowing How To 
Get Listings and Dominate Your Market

Using the 4-Stage Market Domination Plan that Takes Any Agent 
in Any Location from a Complete 'Unknown' to the 
Trusted and Respected Local Agent Everyone Refers!"

Alina Schumacher
Dear Friend,

If you would like to sell a lot of real estate in today's market - regardless of where you are located or how long you've been in the business ... this will be one of the most impactful and transformational books you'll ever read. 

I'll show you why in a minute. First, an important 'disclaimer'.
The plan I outline in this book has helped me to quickly go from being a brand new Immigrant - to becoming the #1 REALTOR® in my market area, as well as one of the top 1% of all Agents on our real estate board (while homeschooling my 3 children).

The content in this book has also helped many other Agents, who applied these techniques and strategies, achieve remarkable results ...many of them, in fact, went from no listings at all to a multiple 6-figures in GCI. Even though I keep hearing these testimonials over and over again I can obviously, by law, not promise that you will get the same results. With that, let me tell you who this is for...

Who This Book Is For ...

  • Agents who are either new to the business or the area ... and don't have time to figure things out the hard way and need a complete, proven and practical plan that shows them exactly what to do
  • A​gents who are stuck at 5-10 transactions per year and are ready to 10X their business - without having to buy leads ... or doing anything else that has to do with 'chasing', is frustrating, expensive or overwhelming
  • Agent who need the right systems in their business so they can have true consistency on all levels - whether that is branding, different types of lead gen, listing and selling processes, the client experience, hiring and team-building, proper follow up, etc.
  • ​Agents who, overall, are uninspired with the traditional business approach ... and want to do things differently while being authentic, exceptionally competent, and actually helpful to people
If that's you then you are going to LOVE this book!  With that said, let me jump in and show you... 

Exactly What You're Getting

  • The 4 crucial stages to true Market Domination WITHOUT the overwhelm and the burnout - outlining my entire rapid success business model and explaining why 99% of agents never make it. Page 6.
  • How to make your competition irrelevant and how to take over your local market even if there ALREADY is an Agent dominating and their signs are everywhere! (My personal story) Page 29.
  • ​The most practical, step-by-step "Boot Camp" experience you've ever been a part of. Implementing this will help you to strategically and very quickly become the most knowledgable, competent and experienced agent in the area - even if you're brand new. (Many brokers have been buying my book for their newer agents just for this chapter!) Page 58.
  • ​The paradigm shift that will forever set you free from worrying about 'What to Say' when you meet new prospects, eliminate the need for cheesy sales scripts and instantly set you apart from other agents. Page 52.
  • ​The best questions to ask during a CMA appointment to genuinely connect with your home seller prospects. Page 54.
  • ​Branding strategies that will REALLY make you stand out and get the RIGHT people's attention. Page 71.
  • ​The super compelling and FREE lead generation strategy that you can implement on your website today and start attracting your ideal kinds of prospects. Of the countless agent websites I've surveyed over the past 12 years - I've only seen one gal down in California doing this. ( ... and my private coaching clients of course.) Page 77.
  • ​The absolute fastest way to gain traction and advance in any market area at a pace that's unheard of in the industry - even if you're a complete "unknown" and have no clients! Page 84.
  • ​Why 99% of the 'Marketing' most Agents spend their money on is completely useless ... and, in fact, is working AGAINST them, and the simple change you must make to understand and profit from the right way of marketing. Page 100.
  • ​The very EXPENSIVE mistake most Agents are making with their Facebook Ads and what you must do instead to get in front of your ideal prospects who want to sell now! Page 120.
  • ​My #1 Open House strategy to convert even the most skeptical, 'guards-way-up' prospects into trusting clients! This is my 'proprietary' process that has gotten me so many clients and made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions. I'm giving it to you word-for-word and you can start using it this coming weekend if you like and get clients right away. Page 123.
  • ​My secret strategy to get homeowners who are thinking of selling to reach out to you and list their property with you instead of interviewing multiple agents! This one has gotten me hundreds of listings over the years. Page 132.
  • ​How to create the right systems and processes for your business that make it run like a well-oiled machine, consistently WOW your clients and earn their future repeat and referral business! Page 134.
  • My 4-Step HIRING process to finding world-class team members who will be LOYAL and dedicated to you instead of just learning your secrets and becoming a direct competitor. Page 149.

And there is so much more!

Over the years so many people have asked me how in the world I was able to grow my business so quickly, sell so many homes, become one of the top 1% agents in the province, and eventually build a successful and very unique brokerage - while continuing to homeschool my 3 children ... (who have all graduated since.) And, honestly ... it wasn't easy but it was so worth it.

I believe that the lessons I have learned during those years and distilled into this simple, comprehensive and very practical 4-Stage Market Domination Plan will make all the difference for you!

... and that's why I wrote this book.

“I am really taking your book to heart! Every skill is just so valuable to building a real product, which is me. I have placed so many things based on your training and it is showing huge results!

Steve Evans, REALTOR®, EXP Realty, California, USA

Here's What Agents and Friends Are Saying:

“I have read dozens and dozens of books written for real estate agents. This one is different from the rest in that it not only inspired me, it also gave some great "How To" and "Do This Now" ideas. Well written and easy to read. It's like she answered the questions that were in my head. Highly recommend! I'm a huge fan.”

Carl White, The Mortgage Marketing Animals, FL, USA

“This is more than a book for real estate agents. It is a book for you. It will inspire and challenge. It is written in a way that is easy to read and as if she is chatting with you. The real estate world is changing and I continue to go back to the book because I will read something I didn’t “see” before (...)

Ken Voelker, REALTOR®, MI, USA

By Far the Best Practical Guide to Success in Real Estate
Reviewed in Canada on February 14, 2021
"How many books do you really read more than once? If you’re like me, you can probably count them on one hand. I can say that “How to Get Listings & Dominate Your Market” by Alina Schumacher is one book that I’ve read and will continue to read over and over. It is absolutely a delight to read. Not only is it full of real-life, useful, practical information and incite, but it is written in a very easy to read and relate to style. For me, it was “the Wealthy Barber” for Real Estate. By far, the best book I’ve read on practical real estate."
Complete Business Plan!!
Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2020
"I’ve read a TON of real estate books and coached lots of agents .... Alina’s book is my new go-to! Thanks for the insight and creativity!"
A phenomenal book
Reviewed in Canada on March 23, 2020
"This book is pure gold. Every section is packed full of major insights on how Alina became so successful and how we can too. The creative juices keep flowing the more I read on how and what I need to do to stand out and become a market leader. Honest to God this book will change your approach to selling real estate and change your life in the process. Highly recommend it!"
Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2020
"I’m the type of person that needs detailed Step by Step instructions. This book definitely delivered. I feel like I can confidently go out there and build my real estate business using the strategies in this book. I loved every page! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!! PRICELESS!!!"
Ready for the FAST LANE? Get Your Book + Bonuses Today!
What's Included In the Book Bundle:
  • HARDCOPY (softcover) of How to Get Listings & Dominate Your Market  - shipping included (on Amazon for US $24.95) + PDF and Audio book
  • ​Alina's Step-by-Step CMA Process + 'Objection' Handling Techniques: Having personally completed over 2000 CMAs, Alina has developed a 'no-fail' method that clearly differentiates you from the other agents they're interviewing and gets you the listing at the right terms. Feedback - especially from seasoned agents - has been: "Ditching my old CMA method because this one actually helps me get the listing!" (Valued at ... honestly ... INVALUABLE. Agents have paid tens of thousands of dollars for this - but for the sake of math: $1,997 - only available with this bundle.)
  • BONUS 2: Pre-Listing, Showing, and Open House Checklists - these truly are GOLD! Just hand these to your Seller Clients and they will know exactly what to do to get their home in perfect, show-ready condition. (One of our clients got a great listing just by handing the very overwhelmed estate sellers a Pre-listings checklist and they were so grateful for this super thorough tool - they decided to go with him!) (Valued at $197)
  • BONUS 3: Worksheets (as taught in the book), sample ads, my insider DISC cheatsheets showing you the crucial DO's & DON'Ts for each personality style to effectively adapt your selling and communication style and convert any kind of prospect. (Valued at $197)

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"To call this book a great value would be an understatement. If you want to dramatically increase the number of transactions you do in the coming weeks and months ...all while reducing your stress and overall workload, read this immediately. If I were to go into real estate, Alina is the first person I’d call. When it comes to dominating a market, she’s the best in the world."

Frank Kern, CA, USA

"Dominating your market begins with Alina Schumacher. She’s dominated as a Realtor, Brokerage Owner and is showing herself to be a dominant Coach and Teacher in Real Estate. Her empathy and insights in this book are leading agents in this fast paced, focused, digital age."

Vince Green, Marketing Coach, Clickfunnels

Here's What To Do Next:
The cost of the book + the bonuses is US $97.00. And yes, you can get 'just the book' on Amazon for US $24.95 ... but if you want instant access and start reading and listening today - plus the awesome BONUSES - order it on this page and you will get the exclusive DIGITAL downloads (PDF plus Audio Book) and my team will ship you the hard copy (softcover) right away as well. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering ... yes, there is a guarantee. 

I 100% guarantee you'll love this book or I'll return your $97 and let you keep the book anyway. Just email me or call the number on your receipt within 7 days, and I'll give you your money back. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. It truly is my privilege to serve you.

Alina Schumacher

More Reviews from Agents, Friends, Amazon Customers

The first book you should read once you’ve decided to be a professional realtor.
Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2021
"I just want to send a word of thanks and give you a thumbs up on your book How to Get Listings and Dominate Your Market. The ink is 3 weeks old on my license. Just turning 60 I made a major sales career field shift from commercial truck sales to real estate. (...) Out of nowhere I bought Gary Keller’s MREA book and read halfway through and saw the potentials. I couldn’t squelch the opportunity calling me so I took the leap under heavy scrutiny. Here’s where your book fell into place. I came in to the business like a lion. I sell on principles not smoke & mirrors. I never viewed closing as a trophy moment but as evidence of guiding my clients through the maze of sound decisions to ensure complete clarity thru the processes. Then deliver out of the world service to ensure I was too valuable to their organization.

Now I’m in real estate. All I can say is no one can truly know the information dump that takes place. The elation of passing the exam is quickly replaced by the realization that I was now “ legally incompetent “. So much to learn and dots to connect. My coach advocates the 20 contract per day requiem and learn as you go. I respect his track record and am on-board with the need to get in the habit of generating leads. But I’m a believer that I’m the real product of being an agent. There’s ambition but without truly being competent the calls come off as “help me” more than focusing on the person you’re talking to. I needed a fast track to having the knowledge to engage as a person that understands the processes and what I have to offer other than the “who do you know...? “ approach. Sure, your intimate circle will help but the acquaintances will be polite and wish you good luck - no impact. First impressions are either lasting ones or forgettable.

I ordered your book weeks ago before licensing but never read it. I also spent evenings watching YouTube RE content. A lot of hype out there. So many “gurus” that feed my fb and inbox that it really discredits the whole real estate self improvement industry. I even doubted you without reading your book.

Then I read it. Thank god. Your mindset and methods really rang the bell for me and is my path out of the “Alice in Wonderland “ stage I’ve been in since getting licensed. You really really really get it and know how to relate it. The time we spend focusing on the process skills and the problems we need to address is critical and will actually save time by not running around chasing our tails. We need to get results before we run out of ambition and money - and this book will give you direction on how to think and what’s truly important to be valuable to your people- not just a book of magical scripts but a book of principles. Principles will guide you on what to ask and how to respond in the most natural “you” and gain trust.

Alina, thanks for reading this but I just had to tell you how grateful I am and to those reading this review- trust me, spend a weekend with this book. You will find your path."
One Of The Best Real Estate Books I Have Read
Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2021
"This book is amazing Alina lays it all out with real practical ways and solutions to dominate your market and not just a bunch of fluff. Its so great that I almost don't even want to tell other agents about it in my market so they wont have the secrets lol! Seriously though a Great book from start to finish. A quick read and real page turner. If you want a book that gives real solutions of how to dominate your market then look no further."
Real Estate Marketing-Start To Finish
Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2021
"Alina’s down to earth stories on how she built a successful practice is refreshing. So much better to be taught real estate marketing strategy by someone who has built it from the ground up. Practical and can be duplicated by any real estate professional."
Best Real Estate book I've ever read!
Reviewed in Canada on March 23, 2020
"This book is a must read for any new or struggling Realtor. Alina teaches a fresh way of doing this business, and after implementing just a few first steps, I see the results already! The book itself is not your typical boring business type of book, far from it! It's easy, light, and interesting (yes, you can read it in one breath!) as if you were reading a great novel, yet, it's giving you so much valuable hands-on information that is worth gold!"
Practical, implementable.
Reviewed in Canada on March 7, 2021
"This book reads like an in-person master class. I appreciate that the writing style is unapologetically practical; it’s clear that Schumacher is writing from the realm of experience. I’m not a great “systems person”, so I read it hoping to get actual step-by-step systems for success in real estate - that’s exactly what it delivered."

Kelsey Findlay, REALTOR®, BC, Canada

"Alina's ability to set the stage and almost read my mind was incredible.  She left me wanting more chapter after chapter and yet, always came through with answers to the questions I had.  It is not one of those read and leave you hanging to sign up for the next program type books.  It will honestly change your life. It did mine!"

Kim Erwin, Broker, KW, TX, USA

"I have been in the real estate business for over 35 years and Alina Schumacher brings a cutting-edge distinction to the industry.  This book is a must for any real estate agent or company because it lays out the foundation for growth and success. I consider this book to be the “Real Estate Bible” for highly successful agents."
"Alina is a one of a kind. Her rare blend of intelligence, compassion, and experience, makes her an invaluable asset to those wise or lucky enough to know and learn from her. She has a passion for helping others and is magnificent at it. If you have the chance to work with her, I fully recommend you do so. Alina is a woman who can make the world a better place, one individual at a time. I am proud to call her my colleague and friend." 

Roger Love, Celebrity Voice Coach & Top-Selling Author, Hollywood

Scott Oren,  RE/MAX, IL, USA

"I have read this book once and found it so intriguing I am rereading and studying it like a textbook when I was pursuing my doctorate! Get it ... Read it … Soak in the insights!"

Nate Armstrong, Home Invest, USA

"Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. Her story from struggle to success resonated with me and inspired me. Her framework for Real Estate Professionals is tangible. My entire team will be reading this book."

Brandi Adkins, Austin, TX, USA

"I just finished the book today. It’s a masterpiece and I can feel your sincerity, and kindness through your words!! Loved it!"

Kim Bagni, KW Realty MA, USA

"Since I've been studying your work I feel so much more confident. Not the kind ego crazy realtor jerk but more knowledgeable, poised, professional and more qualified to do a great job for my seller clients. Thank you very much!"
About Alina Schumacher
Alina Schumacher is a Business Accelerator Coach, Host of The Alina Show PODCAST, Founder of World-Class Agent Academy, and the author of How To Get Listings & Dominate Your Market ... Even if Nobody's Ever Heard of You!

She helps Real Estate Professionals all over North America become world-class and build a 6-7 figure fully referral-based business - extremely FAST - using her proven, 4-stage Market Domination Plan, which enabled her to not only become the #1 local REALTOR® in her market area shortly after immigrating to Canada and reaching the top 1% of all Agents in her province/board - but also, build, systematize and successfully scale her business into a thriving brokerage.

Her professional education and certifications include Certified High-Performance Coach™ from the High-Performance Institute, Certified John C. Maxwell Trainer, Tony Robbins certified Knowledge Broker, Roger Love certified Master Presenter, Ken Davis certified SCORRE Speaker, certified DISC Trainer, and Frank Kern certified SANDOR Online Marketer.

Alina's greatest GIFTS in life are her husband of 28 years and their 3 amazing adult children (homeschooled K - Grade 12) and 4 adorable grandchildren (...and counting!)
DISCLAIMER: We believe in hard work, adding value, building a real professional career, and serving others with excellence and dedication. Our programs are intended to help you build a profitable business, make a difference in the world and take real effort and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavour or professional continuing education program. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. By entering your email, you are subscribing to Alina Schumacher’s newsletter that from time to time contains offers and promotions that might be of interest to you. You can choose to unsubscribe at any time. Alina Schumacher, Schumacher Productions Inc, or this training are not affiliated with or endorsed by Facebook, LLC.
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